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Kemaskini Pada: 16 11 2018
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Malaysia’s diabetics figure worse than WHO projection
Tarikh : 05 Nov 2018  Sumber Berita: "The Borneo Post"

Yii (third left) declares open the World Diabetes Day event while Ting (third right), Sherrina (fourth right) and others look on.

MIRI: About 15 per cent of the adult Malaysian population are diabetics, and it was predicted by World Health Organisation (WHO) that about 807,000 Malaysians would suffer from the disease by 2015.

Miri mayor Adam Yii, however, said Malaysia had already surpassed the WHO projection.

The impact of diabetes is very great, not only in terms of the number of individuals and families affected, but also the increased burden on our healthcare system and the economy as a whole, he said when declaring open World Diabetes Day 2018 at
Bintang Megamall here yesterday.

He added that diabetes was the cause of death of more than 2,200 Malaysians in 1996.

“Forty per cent of people with diabetes will develop debilitating complications such as blindness, kidney failure and heart disease.

“Some people will undergo foot, toe or leg amputations due to diabetes, which is devastating for the individuals, their families and the country’s health system.”

On the event, Yii praised the organising committee for making this year’s event a success, and for playing a significant role in helping to create better public awareness on the disease.

He believed that with the diabetes care services given by Miri branch of Diabetes Malaysia, it would help to complement the government’s existing effort for the promotion of diabetes prevention, care and management.

Piasau assemblyman Datuk Sebastian Ting and Miri Resident Sherrina Hussaini were among those present at the function.