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Kemaskini Pada: 16 11 2018
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Rep urges Orang Ulu community to embrace, adapt to change
Tarikh : 05 Nov 2018  Sumber Berita: "The Borneo Post"

Gerwat shakes hands with the committee members upon his arrival. Behind him is Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau.

MIRI: Mulu assemblyman Dato Gerawat Gala has reminded the Orang Ulu community that their future lies in their own hands.

He says whether or not they want to be a prosperous, progressive and successful community, this would depend on their willingness to embrace change.

“The world and our environment are constantly changing. If we refuse to change or refuse to adapt to the constant change around us, we would be left behind and continue to be a backward community,” he spoke at the ‘Orang Ulu Cultural Symposium’ dinner in a hotel here on Saturday.

Gerawat cautioned the community against remaining in their comfort zone.

He noted that many villagers in Baram, Belaga, Trusan and Lawas are now involved in oil palm plantations and reaping good incomes.

In this context , he said development projects under the Highland Development Agency (HDA) implemented by the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS)-led Sarawak government would ensure that the highland community would progress in tandem with the other communities.

“The state government wants the Orang Ulu community to move forward with other races.

“This (HDA) is clear proof that our state government is committed and serious in bringing development to every nook and corner of the state.

“They (government) are walking the talk,” he added.